Dominic Martin Photography Terms January 2018

Image delivery

Images are selected and edited by myself. I do not provide clients with the entire raw sets of EVERY image I take during the shoot. For one I can easily shoot thousands of images on shoots and rack up 100gb of files so involving clients in image selection takes up significant time. But the main reason is a significant part of the quality of my images is due to my selection process and editing. Rest assured the best photo of the unique moment should be present in the final set. Of course if you feel there is a particular photo,moment or person that has been omitted from the final set, I will attempt to correct the omission if possible.
Images are delivered via a shared Dropbox link. Image delivery will be within 7 days unless stated otherwise.

These files will not be hosted permanently so the client is responsible for downloading them and keeping them safe. If a re-export and re-upload is required due to the client losing the images, a small fee may be charged for the additional work.

Images are delivered at websize which I define as 2048px long edge which is the maximum upload size of Facebook and is large enough for the majority of screens on the market today.

Larger versions of the images can also be delivered but might come at an additional cost.


Copyright, Ownership, Licensing and usage

I, as the artist will retain the copyright of the images I create. This is industry standard and the legal default. This allows me to retain control of my images.

When you hire me, you are commissioning the creation of the images and purchasing a license to use them.

Unless stated otherwise this license is an accredited unlimited-term non-exclusive non-resell/non-redistribution commercial usage license.

This means that you, the licensee, can personally or commercially use the images for whatever you want for as long as you want.

With the exception of reselling/redistribute the images/license or selling products with my images being the focus of the product. If someone else needs them, please send them my way and I'll sort them out! If you wish to use my images for products for sale, contact me and a new license can be discussed!

The exception to non-redistribution is press usage, for that permission is not required but I'd appreciate notification and remember to pass on my credit details as below!

Accredited means that the images needs to be credited to me when used in editorial, social media (including social media ads) or in the press.
Example: Photo by Dom Martin

I would appreciate social media mentions within the descriptions of image posts instead of “Dom Martin” preferably before the “read more” line. Being tagged in the image does not count as a replacement to credit.

My social media accounts are linked below
Instagram: @domdommartin

Website: http://www.dommartin.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dominicmartinphotography

For uses other than social media or press, such as print advertising, credit is not required but is still appreciated if possible. I will credit your event/company/profile etc when posting about the work.


Unless otherwise stated, you do not have exclusive use of the images. The images might be licensed to other vendors involved, used in the press, or used for other purposes.

You may purchase exclusive rights if it is important to you to be the only third party (that is to say, except for me) with a usage license for the images.