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Love My Dress Online Feature

“Our photographer was Dominic Martin. We wanted modern, honest photographs. Our wedding was not particularly traditional, especially in terms of the venue. We also wanted to capture the feeling of the day in our photographs. We both like a more candid shot and wanted to avoid posed situations, which we find awkward.”

“We were quite particular in our selection of a photographer and wanted someone with experience of shooting in the studio by day and a club at night. We looked for someone who took candid, natural photographs, which is what Dom did.”

“Dom’s photographs are better than we could have ever imagined. We love all of them. They are sharp, clean, honest and natural. The ones of us laughing together are our favourites. Not a single photograph of us looks posed. He caught the atmosphere of the day in every photograph.”

“When I look at them it takes me back to the moment as they are so ‘real’. They suited our venue and us perfectly. I would absolutely recommend Dom to future bride and grooms. Our photographs are the perfect memory of the day.”


Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine Feature

Featured in the Winter 2019 issue with a 6 page spread as well as two articles online