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It took us over 30 shows in more than 10 countries to find him and we will not do a show without him again. His pictures are not only stunning but he provides ready-to-post material during an event and the full set of edited pictures within just a few days. Most importantly, our guests love him as he interacts with them to get the best shots.
— David Bregler, HMD Speakeasy GmbH

Party Like Gatsby
I've toured with the party like Gatsby team all over Europe from London to Paris, Berlin and Munich shooting their delightful and unique shows. 


The Legendary Elrow night comes to Glasgow


Regression Sessions
Mischief Unmanaged


Glasgow Nightclubs
With 4 Years of nightclub experience working several nights a week, I've shot in SWG3, Garage, Subclub, Cathouse, Tingle, Kokomo, Lola's, Bamboo, Light, Kushion, Shimmy, Malones, Sanctuary, Hive (GUU), Distrikt, Colours, Milk and more